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Unresolved The Book - unresolvedthebook.com

Fredericksburg Rockhounds - The Fredericksburg Rockhounds meet on the first monday of each month at the Golden Hub Senior Center at 7:00pm. Check the web site for more information. FredericksburgRockhounds.org

prospectingtexas.com - Prospecting Texas a web site for persons interested in mineral prospecting, rocks and gems, legends and symbols for treasures and ghost towns of Texas.

Red Top Jail - This web site will give you the most complete and up to date information on the Red Top Jail.

LanTex Theater - The LanTex Theater was built in 1927 and has provided Llano with movies, stage shows and the Country Opry Show. Check out this web site for show times and ticket information. LantexTheater.com

Rockhound Information for kids - www.marcellus.com/fossils-shale-rockhounding-kids/

fuel - fuelcoffeehouse.org

Llano Main Street - LlanoMainStreet.org

FluorEssence - You can find some real nice fluoresent minerals from Mexico at Fluoressence.com

Lou Quallenberg Studio - louQart.com

Crazy Wax - RATS Records and Things Strange www.crazywax.com